Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Birthday Celebration.

Since I become sensible, I so expect to have a birthday party. But nobody going to celebrate with me every years, my parent's not going to celebrate with me because they said that; birthday is a good thing to us, better don't do any celebration. Just keep silent and let it pass as normal. My mom told me this is Chinese culture. But I not going to blame anyone, cause I think it not a very big deal(means no any celebration). Some more I did not tell every one especially my friend about it and my birthday also. Time's are kept going and non-stop. Finally, I have a first celebration for my birthday with my friends. I so happy about that because my friend so concern about me, they all know when is my birthday and made a celebration for me. What a happiness issue that I not face it before! Actually, I wanna know who is the organizer, I so proud to have his/her as my friend. But until now I also didn't get who is it. Never mind, What I need to post to my friend is; I so happy and excited cause you all concern about me, cause it prove I had being in your life. Friends: thank you to you all, I hope can be with you all forever. *Feel happiness to be with you all, hope our friendship and relation will be more close and long lasting. ^o^v

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